The important roles of a property manager

Most of the good estate agencies have excellent real estate managers. Their roles are very crucial and vital for the successful operation of the property.

Some of the important roles of a property manager are:

Tenant Management

The primary requirement of a property manager is to get suitable and ideal tenants for the property. This would include advertising for tenants in the various medium. Once the tenants approach the company, the property manager screens them and subsequently closes the deal with the most suitable tenant. Companies that deal with property management ensure that the tenant has no criminal records, he is aware of the tenant agreements and had no prior history of discrepancies in paying rent.

Collection of Rent

hdhjd874This might be the toughest part a property manager has to deal with. He first has to quote the right rent which is sure to get the attention of the tenant. It should bring him profit and also be a lucrative rate for the tenant. A date might be fixed for collecting the rent. It could be annually/quarterly/weekly. There might be an agreement where the rent will be increased at a fixed rate every year. Companies that deal with property management should ensure that it is done at the said time.

Updating the Lease Agreement

The property manager should also be responsible for the lease agreement which has to be signed duly by the tenant. It protects the owner and also ensures that the liabilities are minimized. The tenant should understand these provisions yet not feel violated at any time. So the manager should effectively bridge this gap and ensure that both parties feel that they are protected.

They Maintain the Property

hdhjd874All property management also has the responsibility to maintain the property that they are leasing out or giving for rent. All the promised facilities should be available and in working condition. It is best to maintain top quality facilities so that the tenant will feel that he is getting value for money. Most ideal properties have security services, water, well maintained common areas, clean common areas, spacious parking areas, etc. If the property has any repair, it should be done so before the tenant takes a look at it. Property managers should ensure all leaks should be fixed, lamps should be in working condition, trash should be in place, and all snow should be cleared from the driveway.

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