Features of Smart Doorbells

Doorbells are no longer what they used to be, and they are extremely sophisticated and perform more than just ringing a bell that alerts those inside of someone at the door. If you look online, there are so many different models of smart doorbells that it will be rather confusing and a complicated task. It is best to read the skybell hd vs ring pro review so that you can make a wise decision.h

What is a smart doorbell?aa11

While this device will perform the same functions as a regular doorbell, the benefits are that it allows you to see who is at the entrance and even talk and listen to that person. The best part is this device will also double as a security camera and save video and photos to a could service online. These images are saved in high quality, and you will be able to actually see what’s happening even if you are not at home. The units will connect to the wifi at your house and be accessible from your smartphone.


There are so many unique features in these devices that they are just amazing. Let us take a look at a few of them.

High-quality Video & Images

The cameras in these doorbells come with HD capabilities of up to 1080p, which will give you crystal clear images and feeds.

Night Vision

A feature that comes in very handy when you want to know who is at the door even when it is dark outside. In case your porch light has burnt, you will still be able to see a clear image or video of who is on the other side.

aa10Motion Detection

This feature is useful if you do not wish to take up too much memory and keep recording. But it also helps alert you via an email if some movement is detected at your home. It will immediately send you a high-resolution image, and you can see if there is an unwelcome visitor on your property.


These smart doorbells connect with the locks and can have multiple users. They come with bank grade encryption which means no one can hack into them quickly and break into your home. They also connect to wifi and Bluetooth. You use two way audio and will work with both iOS and Android devices. They are an essential part if you want to have a safe environment at home.